Culture. We have a culture built on the values of hard work, commitment, TEAM success and excellence. We offer best in class training, our own private facility and a coaching staff that carries out the mission of developing lacrosse players, building character and creating a passion for the game. With the investment of both time and money that traveling sports require, kids and parents need to enjoy coming to lacrosse every day. By our culture building on these values, every family is getting something out of their experience.  


Development. We believe you can take the lacrosse seriously and have a fun & enjoyable experience.  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.  We do this by having a great training program that allows players to develop skills and learn the game. We include a membership to our training facility that offers small group skill development classes year-round.  We also take a lot of time to carefully select out-of-state tournaments that provide our teams with challenging lacrosse competition at unique locations providing fun travel and life experiences.


Family. We don’t pride ourselves simply on winning championships or getting players recruited.  Those things are bi-products of the developmental focus we take in our teams and players.  We pride ourselves on retention. Our biggest achievement as a club is when a kid/family ends the season and is excited about coming back to play another year. Travel lacrosse has the ability to bring together players from different backgrounds and communities and this is one of the best parts of what Team36 has to offer.